Sauna Turówka

Sauna Turówka is located in a picturesque village next to Suwałki – Turówka Stara. It is located on the Ożewo lake, to which it is only a few meters away. The distance of Saunas from Suwałki is only 7 km – close to Suwałki.

Sauna Suwałki Turówka is a newly built facility, fully adapted to the needs of saunas. The sauna is heated with a traditional wood-fired oven. The furnace is covered with stones that can be poured with water to increase the humidity. The shore of a nearby lake is equipped with a platform and a ladder allowing a comfortable descent into the water.

In addition to the perfectly finished interior of the wooden paneling shed, the building has a place to change clothes with a table, benches and hangers. There is a barbecue and bonfire nearby.